“We’re in business to help people”

Personal Care/Assisted Living Sponsered by Northside Haven Association, Inc.


Service Profile

Miss Bernice’s House

A full service Personal Care and Assisted Living Facility

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Miss Bernice's House

provides the following services:
  • 5-star rated personal care service

  • Full-time permanent house

  • 24-hour staff supervision

  • Full-time nursing care

  • Medical care supervision and referral

  • Transportation

  • Personal-professional counseling

  • Personal hygiene care

  • Spiritual enrichment, as desired

  • Recreational activities (fishing, gardening, field trips, shopping)

  • Great food! 3 hot meals/day, plus snacks

  • Genuine love, gentle care, respect, good friends and overall “good country living”

Client profile

The following is a 10-point profile of clients that we serve:
  • Multi-racial

  • Male/Females

  • Must be 21, and above

  • Must be in need of housing and personal care

  • Must be mobile: able to walk

  • Must be able to provide self care, with assistance

  • Must be able to communicate

  • Must provide minimum finances toward personal care

  • Must comply with rules and regulations of the house

  • Must not have tendency towards violence

  • Must be drug and alcohol free- Zero Toleration!

Agency Profile

  • Non-profit corporation: Mississippi Secretary of State
  • 501. C3: Internal Revenue Service
  • License: Personal Care/Assisted Living: Mississippi Department of Health
  • Medicaid Provider: Mississippi Medicaid
  • VA Provider: United States veterans Administration
  • Funding Source: USDA Rural Development
  • Mississippi Department of Human Services

Miss Bernice’s House does not discriminate according to race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

*** What's going on with Miss Zep?



“If I Can Help Somebody As I Travel Along The Way,
Then My Living Will Not Be In Vain” --- Miss Bernice

Contact Us

Zelpha (Zep) laMarr Montgomery Whatley, Executive Director

50 Patton Place, Lexington, Mississippi - 39095

telephone: 662-834-3344

FAX: 662-834-3314

Email: zelpha911@aol.com